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Clarity and Orientation

Coaching provides clarity. Together we can utilise your potentials and develop tailored options that will help you build a sustainable path for the future.

As an experienced coach and certified facilitator in the management of national and international organisations, I use the data-based behavioural profile Jobmatch.talent to optimise outcomes during the course of the coaching process. I apply this process both in the initial introduction phase and at an ongoing basis throughout the duration of the coaching lifecycle.
Together we will use the outcomes of the Jobmatch.talent evaluation to analyse your personal and professional behaviours and evaluate your strengths and development potential.

What is Jobmatch.talent?
A holistic personnel diagnostics tool that analyses and evaluates a person's way of working, communication style, individual decision-making and leadership approach.
Were do I use Jobmatch.talent?
The results serves as an entry into and basis for customized coaching processes which are tailored to recognize individual strengths or preferences, to assess potentials holistically and to successfully accompany change processes.

Tailored to your specific situation, I will support and accompany you in seeing change as an opportunity for personal development and growth, and will provide you with the tools to achieve this sustainably.

Take a goal- and future oriented approach to expanding your competences and skillset.

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Jobmatch.talent is audited and certified by DNV-GL, according to EFPA’s new test review model. The certification covers work and occupational purposes, development and selection. Jobmatch.talent has undergone a thorough review of validity, reliability and other psychometric factors, and it has been validated that the test meets the extensive requirements set by EFPA on psychological tests for predicting work performance and employee development.
Jobmatch.talent is a product of JobMatch Sweden AB. .

Passion Maps™ live your passions

passion maps
Discover what you are passionate about and identify what keeps you from being as you would really like to be. Create a rich picture of potential for your life and develop focus on passions that give your life meaning and purpose. Find ways to live your passions to generate energy, excitement, creativity and courage in your life.

The program is about you: the core of who you are and the essence of what energises and inspires you. The Passion Mapping process enables you to listen deeply to your own inner dialogue and multiple intelligences. In fact, those who have created their own Passion Maps™ are much clearer about their own priorities and values, feeling a sense of meaning and purpose in their life and work. Passions are the deep inner drive to reach for what you love. So, passion is an internally driven force, is enduring and quite different from motivation which is externally driven and time specific.
As your accredited practitioner and coach, I Inspire you into being the best you can be. I act as a gentle facilitator and guide taking you through the process while holding a professional and respectful space.

Shape and enjoy your life and work with passion. Finding similar passions with others opens up possibilities for whole new experiences and connections.

uwe grassnick

Uwe Grassnick
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Veltheimstraße 35
D 13467 Berlin
tel: ‭+49‭ 30. 940 562 80
‭mob: +49 172. 250 722 8

Behavioral Coaching Institute
Sydney, Australia, 2004
Certified Master Coach

Rekrytema, Jobmatch.talent
Göteborg, Schweden, 2005
Certified Facilitator

Passion Maps
Peter Wallman
Sydney, Australia, 2020
Accredited Practitioner

If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.
(Albert Einstein)